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Contact us by e-mail or mobile Phone 

Tell us what your requirements are - a total package can be arranged to suit your needs and budget.

We will calculate the approximate cost for you based on the number and size of boxes and cases/bags that you have.

Date and time of pickup can be arranged nearer your departure date. At pickup an invoice is issued to you listing total packages and cost.

Payment is by cheque or cash payable at pickup time.

Before we depart with your items we need you to fill in a form with your personal details; name, home address, contact numbers, date of departure and date of return to Dublin. Also your new address - but not essential.

On your return, contact us by e-mail or mobile phone and a date and time can be arranged for returning your goods to your new address.

The service Student Storage provides includes insurance for your stored items. This covers your goods for up to €1000 per student.

If a student attends college in another part of Ireland (outside of Dublin), pickup can be arranged at bus station or train station in Dublin.